What is the maintenance schedule for SeeDevil LED Balloon Lights?

Clean after each use for best performance. Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual, which can be viewed by clicking here.

How do I clean my SeeDevil LED Balloon Light Diffuser?

First make sure to remove the diffuser from the balloon light. Use lightly compressed air for simple cleaning. One may also use warm water and a white microfiber cloth to gently wipe away dirt and debris. A very light colorless soap solution may be used for tougher stains/marks on the outside of the diffuser only. When cleaning the inside of the diffuser use only water.

How bright are SeeDevil LED Balloon Lights?

SeeDevil LED Balloon Lights have a range of sizes from 7,800 lumens output to 102,000 lumen output and can be powered on as little as a 1000 watt portable generator or appropriate battery packs.

Why use the SeeDevil Balloon Light Diffuser?

  • The Balloon Light Diffuser creates comfortable glare-free illumination that is easy on the eyes.

How is the SeeDevil Balloon Diffuser inflated?

SeeDevil LED Balloon Lights are fan inflated. When the power is turned off the fan will stop and the balloon diffuser will deflate for easy storage.

What if I damage my SeeDevil LED Balloon Light Diffuser?

  • The Balloon Light Diffusers are replaceable and can be purchased here.

Will my SeeDevil LED Balloon Light still work without the Balloon Light Diffuser?

Yes, but the light source will no longer be glare-free and will be at more risk to natural elements. We do not recommend using the LED Balloon Light without the diffuser.

Should I cover my SeeDevil LED Balloon Light after use or can I leave it out?

  • In order to maintain quality of use, we recommend always covering the LED Balloon Light with its carry bag when it is powered off. Never turn on or use the LED Balloon Light with its carry bag on or any other coverings.

Is my SeeDevil LED Balloon Light safe to use in the rain?

The 60 and 150 watt LED Balloon Lights are IP42 rated while the 300 and 700 watt LED Balloon Lights are IP65 rated, please refer to IP ratings for more detailed information by clicking here.

My hand crank tripod will not telescope up or down. How do I get it to work?

Refer to the owner’s manual. Before operating the hand crank to telescope the tripod up or down, make sure the tripod is on level ground and the legs have been completely extended creating a 90 degree angle with the legs and support arms connecting to the mast. Then ensure that the T-knobs on the telescoping mast at the handle (and above if using the 12ft tripod) are loosened. Try to operate the hand crank. If the tripod telescoping function still is not working call 877-246-4169 for additional assistance.

Is my SeeDevil LED Balloon Light dimmable?

All SeeDevil LED Balloon Lights are remote dimmable and can be controlled with the included remote. 300 and 700 watt Pro LED Balloon Light units can be dimmed by the remote or the dimmer knob on the LED unit. To dim a 300 and 700 watt LED Balloon Light with the remote control, switch the knob on the LED unit to remote. 60 and 150 watt LED Balloon Lights can only be dimmed using the included remote control.

What happens if I dim the 60 or 150 watt SeeDevil LED Balloon Light and then
lose the remote control?

The 60 and 150 watt LED Balloon Lights will reset to 100% brightness each time it is unplugged. If the controller is lost or broken you will not be able to dim the unit. Please contact us to order a replacement remote control.

Are SeeDevil LED Balloon Light remote controls universal?

The 60 and 150 watt LED Balloon Lights are universal and can be used to control multiple units with a range of up to 25 Ft. 300 and 700 watt Pro LED Balloon Lights must be synced to the remote that will control it.

How high does the tripod extend?

The small tripod extends to 6.5 ft., the medium tripod 9 ft. and the large tripod 12 ft.

Are SeeDevil Balloon Lights 12v?

No. SeeDevil Balloon Lights are 120-240v AC.

Will SeeDevil LED Balloon Lights work on a vehicle’s inverter?

SeeDevil LED Balloon Lights can be powered by most vehicle inverters, so long as the inverter has a high enough output.

Can SeeDevil LED Balloon Lights be deployed in the wind?

Yes. SeeDevil LED Balloon Lights can be deployed with wind gusts of 30 MPH. Sand bags, weight plates or ground stakes may be added to the tripod for additional stability and may be purchased at SeeDevil.com.

How can I get replacement parts?

  • Contact your dealer or contact us to inquire about replacement parts.

Can I request a demo?

Where can I see Press and Testimonials about SeeDevil?

  • Please visit here to see what the industry and customers have been saying about SeeDevil Lighting products.

What comes in a SeeDevil LED Balloon Light Kit?

  • SeeDevil Balloon Light Kits Include:

What is my warranty?

  • All SeeDevil products are covered limited manufacturer’s warranty free of defects. SeeDevil does not warrant damage to the product, wear and tear, acts of god, etc.
  • - 3-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty on All Light Fixtures
  • - 2-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty on Work Lights & Area Lights

Can I return my SeeDevil product if I don’t like it?

See Return Policy or contact us at 877-246-4169. Return Good Authorizations are limited to defective material covered by SeeDevil’s warranty polices or unused product purchased within a 6 month period. Returned unused that may be sold as new product may be subject to up to 30% restocking fees.

Where do I return my SeeDevil product?

  • See Return Policy. SeeDevil LED Balloon Lights must be returned to the dealer where the unit was purchased. If the unit was purchased from SeeDevil.com, please contact 877-246-4169.



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