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We believe in standing by our products. And while we hope you never need it, our 3-year warranty has you covered in the event of a defect.

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What is my warranty?

  • All SeeDevil products are covered limited manufacturer’s warranty free of defects. SeeDevil does not warrant damage to the product, wear and tear, acts of god, etc.
  • - 3-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty on All Light Fixtures
  • - 2-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty on Work Lights & Area Lights

Can I return my SeeDevil product if I don’t like it?

See Return Policy or contact us at 877-246-4169. Return Good Authorizations are limited to defective material covered by SeeDevil’s warranty polices or unused product purchased within a 6 month period. Returned unused that may be sold as new product may be subject to up to 30% restocking fees.

Where do I return my SeeDevil product?

  • See Return Policy. SeeDevil LED Balloon Lights must be returned to the dealer where the unit was purchased. If the unit was purchased from SeeDevil.com, please contact 877-246-4169.