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We believe in standing by our products. And while we hope you never need it, our 3-year warranty has you covered in the event of a defect.

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What is my warranty?

  • All SeeDevil products are covered by a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty free of defects. SeeDevil does not warrant damage to the product, wear and tear, acts of god, etc.

What is the maintenance schedule for SeeDevil LED Balloon Lights?

Clean after each use for best performance. Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual, which can be viewed by clicking here.

How do I clean my SeeDevil LED Balloon Light Diffuser?

First make sure to remove the diffuser from the balloon light. Use lightly compressed air for simple cleaning. One may also use warm water and a white microfiber cloth to gently wipe away dirt and debris. A very light colorless soap solution may be used for tougher stains/marks on the outside of the diffuser only. When cleaning the inside of the diffuser use only water.

How bright are SeeDevil LED Balloon Lights?

SeeDevil LED Balloon Lights have a range of sizes from 7,800 lumens output to 102,000 lumen output and can be powered on as little as a 1000 watt portable generator or appropriate battery packs.